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Windows on MacBook Pro

Missing PC Key MacBook Pro Keystroke Action Credit
Home fn + left arrow Go to the beginning of a line
End fn + right arrow Go to the end of a line
shift + Home fn + shift + left arrow Select to the beginning of a line
shift + End fn + shift + right arrow Select to the end of a line
Insert fn + Enter Insert casualjim
Page Up fn + up arrow Go up a page
Page Down fn + down arrow Go down a page
Print Screen fn + shift + F11 Put a full screen screenshot on the clipboard apple
alt + Print Screen alt + fn + shift + F11 Put the current window screenshot on the clipboard
ScrollLock fn + shift + F12 Toggle scroll lock (especially useful in Excel) apple
Backspace delete Delete the character before the cursor
Del fn + delete Delete the character after the cursor apple
control + Del fn + control + delete Delete the word after the cursor
control + Plus fn + control + Plus Zoom In
control + Minus fn + control + Minus Zoom Out
Right click key, shift + F10 shift + F10 Right click with the keyboard
Break fn + esc Break, abort, stop jxgriffi

What This List Is About

Before I got my new MacBook Pro with Retina display, my colleagues and friends told me to beware. Apparently the MacBook Pro keyboard has fewer keys than the standard PC keyboard, a truly frightening thought. Surprisingly enough, I found no central list of keyboard mappings or solutions for these missing keys, but a lot of misguided or wasteful solutions, not to mention a few flaming-hot arguments.

So I forged ahead anyway and got the most awesomest 15” laptop out on the market today (with the possible exception being the 14” Alienware laptop) and started experimenting.

The bottom line is that while there are indeed fewer keys, many of them (perhaps all of them) are unneeded on Mac OS because of the way the trackpad works. And on Windows, most of them have equivalent keystrokes. While the experience is not the same between Mac OS, Windows on Mac, and Windows on PC, it is quite easy to get used to the differences. On this page, I’ll try to maintain a list of keys and key combos that I’ll discover on the web or through experimentation. Hopefully, this will help others considering making the plunge.

After I started putting this list together, I found out about Apple’s documentation page on the same subject over at However, my keyboard is different than the one they’re describing and there are some differences in the keystrokes as well. If my list doesn’t work for you, try theirs :-).