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I had a lot of fun teaching about the HTML5 Canvas and SVG at Sela’s Drawing in HTML5 Open House last Tuesday (12 Nov).

There’s definitely a lot of interest! The room was full to overflowing with people from a wide range of programming backgrounds, all of whom seemed to have really great questions.

The main focus was on the Canvas API, and we delved into all the nitty gritty. We then covered SVG and even had a little time to talk about WebGL.

I have to thank Sebastian Pederiva, my esteemed colleague at Sela, who really did all the work. He put together the presentation and wrote all the demos. And then he went and got himself injured :(, so I got to reap the benefits :). Thanks, Sebastian, and get well soon!

You can peruse the slide deck on slideshare and download the sample code (~200 KB) from my SkyDrive. The code also contains the simple car game in various stages, so you can follow along as the game adds features.